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Axe Throwing

Target Archery

Corporate and Team Building

Are you looking to try something new and different for your corporate team building event in Montreal? Regardless of age, skill or fitness level, our activities make for an exciting and memorable experience. Mix and match from Combat Archery, Nerf Battle, Axe Throwing, Target Archery, and Smash Room.

Challenge your colleagues, build team spirit, learn new skills, compete, get moving, and have fun! Improve communication skills within your team and encourage positive teamwork with our range of unique activities. You won’t leave with bruising or welts…just laughter and fun memories. Combat d’Archers has everything you need to make your event a success.

Combat Archery

Dodge, run, shoot, and dodge again! Combat Archery is a fusion between archery, paintball, and dodgeball. We use safe foam-tipped arrows and our bows shoot at about the same speed as you would throw a tennis ball. Have a blast shooting at fellow coworkers!

Axe Throwing

Channel your inner lumberjack by throwing axes and knives at targets. You’ll learn the techniques to turn your group into bullseye warriors! With detailed training on axe throwing and different axes to lunge, it’s a great way to compete and have fun.


Target Archery

Instructors will teach how to shoot steel-tipped arrows like a pro. Learn proper archery form and walk away with a real skill that you may even take up as a hobby! Best of all, it’s suitable for a wide age group. Get ready to channel your inner Robinhood (or Katniss).

Nerf Battle

Want to do something fun and active but bows and arrows aren’t your thing? We have a big selection of Nerf RIVAL Blasters that shoot foam ammo balls. Hide behind inflatable obstacles and cover your teammates’ backs. This warfare is sure to bring lots of laughs.


Corporate Packages include:
Free on-site Parking
One hour access to a private party room
Free souvenir photos of each player in action!

Large Private Meeting Room

Groups may enjoy some private time in our large meeting room located on the second floor with views over the playing field. Order pizza or cater food for your meeting. You may bring drinks and store it in our fridge space. Table cloths, a fridge and a microwave are included in the meeting room.

Largest Indoor Playing Field in Montreal

Experience Montreal’s largest indoor Combat Archery playing field! Up to 40 players can play at a time. If you are over 40, we run smooth rotations and you can do other activities while you wait. The field is also equipped with air conditioning units. With all the equipment provided, an experienced animation team and ambiance music; you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time!