Demolition room

Demolition Room

Have you ever felt the urge to break something? The Rage Room is a uniquely thrilling activity where you can vent your anger by destroying objects in a room. Have fun smashing breakable items and electronics with your choice of weapon — hammers, golf clubs, bats, crowbars and more. It’s the perfect opportunity to have fun, de-stress, and blow off steam.

You’ll be given protective gear to wear and you’ll select your weapon of destruction. After choosing from a variety of smashable glass or electronic objects, you’ll suit up, enter the Rage Room and break stuff! You may be swinging bats at VCR tapes, slamming keyboards with sledgehammers, or shattering plates to smithereens. Don’t worry about the aftermath — we take care of the post wreckage clean-up.

The Demolition Room is a popular alternative to your typical night out:

  • Bachelor/Bachelorettes
  • Date Night
  • Groups
  • Corporate team building events

Demolition Room session includes:


Many weapons to choose from: Crowbar, Baseball bat, Hammer, Axe and more!

Items to Destroy

We supply all items for you to destroy!


High-quality jumpsuit so you avoid all the mess.

Safety Mask

High quality safety mask and helmet is provided.

Protective Gear

High-quality protective gloves so you can let loose without worry.

Souvenir Photos

Free souvenir photos of each player in action

Demolition room pricing

Solo Mission

$50 + taxes
  • 1 person
  • 6 small objects
  • 4 medium objects
  • 1 large object
  • 1 medium electronic
  • 5$ - Bring your own objects to destroy

The Duo

$70 + taxes
  • 2 people
  • 8 small objects
  • 6 medium objects
  • 2 large objects
  • 1 large electronic
  • FREE - Bring your own objects to destroy

The Trio

$90 + taxes
  • 3 people
  • 15 small objects
  • 10 medium objects
  • 3 large objects
  • 3 medium electronics
  • FREE - Bring your own objects to destroy

The Squad

$100 + taxes
  • 4 people
  • 20 small items
  • 16 medium items
  • 4 Large items
  • 4 Medium Electronics
  • FREE - Bring your own items to destroy